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The World of Valencia Oranges

Your Delicious Vitamin C Powerhouse
Valencia Oranges are famed for their excellent juice content and sweet flavor. With a smooth, thin skin, this orange variety is usually round to oval, and medium to large in size. Named after the city of Valencia in Spain, they are popular as the “summer” orange due to their extended growing season.

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Nutritional Value

Defining Valencia Oranges’ Nutritional Components

A medium-sized Valencia Orange provides approximately 60 calories. These oranges are an outstanding source of Vitamin C, providing over 100% of the daily value, and also supplies dietary fiber. Valencias contain small amounts of B-Vitamins, calcium, and potassium.
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Health Benefits

Health Assets Delivered in Valencia Oranges

Consuming Valencia Oranges equips you with numerous health gains. High Vitamin C content boosts the immune system and benefits skin health. Their dietary fiber aids digestion, can assist weight management by creating a feeling of fullness, and supports heart health.

Peak Season

Making the Most of Valencia Oranges Season

Valencia Oranges have a long harvesting season that spans from spring to mid-fall. This makes them the ideal fresh orange during summer, a time when many other orange varieties are out of season.
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FAQs for
Valencia Oranges
Valencia Oranges are known for their excellent juice content and are often considered the best variety for juicing.
Valencia Oranges can be kept at room temperature for a few days, but for extended freshness, they should be stored in the refrigerator.
Unlike some other orange varieties, Valencia Oranges typically contain seeds.
No, while they may occasionally exhibit a ‘navel’ trait due to a genetic mutation, they are separate and distinct varieties.
While the zest of Valencia Orange is often used in recipes for flavor, the skin itself is generally not eaten due to its bitter taste.

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