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Our Fresh Produce Selection

Step into a world of farm-fresh produce at Nelson Family Farms. Our open air market in Fort Pierce is a vibrant display of Mother Nature’s offerings, each harvest promising a bountiful array of flavor-packed fruits and crunchy, nutrient-dense vegetables. Visit our market to explore the freshest selection of locally-grown produce in Florida.
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Best Foods For Your Family

Best Foods For Your Family

Best Foods For Your Family

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Fresh Veggies and Fruits in Fort Pierce

From juicy, palm-size tomatoes to crisp, leafy greens, our open-air market showcases the best locally-grown veggies, hand-picked for quality and freshness. Our farm in Fort Pierce is a haven for fruit lovers too. With seasonal citrus fruits, soft stone fruits, tropical varieties, and more, we present a medley of succulent delights that burst with natural sweetness and nutrients.

Whether you are shopping for the week’s groceries or need ingredients for a healthy meal, Nelson Family Farms always delivers on providing the freshest local produce. We invite you to browse our rows of fresh produce, each offering a testament to our commitment to freshness and flavor.

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Local Produce for St Lucie, Tradition, and Beyond

Nelson Family Farms proudly serves the communities of St Lucie, Tradition, St Lucie West, and Vero Beach. We understand that everyone deserves access to fresh, wholesome food. That’s why we extend our services beyond Fort Pierce, bringing our farm-fresh produce to families residing in the surrounding regions.
To residents of these locations, our name has become synonymous with quality, freshness, and friendly service. Whether you stop by our farm in Fort Pierce or meet us at local markets in St Lucie, Tradition, and beyond, our commitment to providing top-quality local produce remains unchanged.
Thanks to excellent partnerships with farmers across Florida, we can bring you a variety of local produce that is not only fresh but also full of flavor. Connect with us today and discover the Nelson Family Farms difference. We promise you a produce shopping experience like no other.
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