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The World of Red Navels

Red Navels: Citrus Delight with a Healthy Twist
Red Navels, also known as Cara Cara Navels, are unique variants of traditional oranges presenting a blush-red inner flesh. They offer a citrus sensation with a hint of berry flavor and make an eye-catching and delicious addition to a variety of dishes.

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Nutritional Value

The Nutritional Aspects of Red Navels

A medium-sized Red Navel typically provides around 80 calories. Renowned for their abundant Vitamin C content, a single fruit covers more than 100% of the daily intake. They also deliver a decent dose of dietary fiber, Vitamin A, and essential minerals such as potassium.
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Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Red Navels

Garnished with health perks, Red Navels’ Vitamin C aids the immune system, collagen synthesis, and ingredient absorption. Their fiber content supports digestive health and a sense of fullness. Additionally, the reddish tint in their flesh indicates the presence of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.

Peak Season

Best Season to Enjoy Red Navels

Red Navels are generally available from December through April. They are seasonal items and typically provide the most flavorful sensory experience during the winter months.
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FAQs for
Red Navels
Red Navels don’t ripen off the tree. Look for smooth, firm, and heavy-for-size fruits with no soft spots, cuts, or bruises.
Yes, they can be stored at room temperature for a week or so, but for a longer shelf life, refrigerate them.
Absolutely, Red Navels can be used anywhere regular oranges would be. Their unique color and slightly different flavor can make for an interesting variation.
Depending on the climate, some Red Navels may retain a hint of green. However, this does not affect the internal quality or taste of the fruit.
Yes, the vibrant colored juice offers an inviting and delicious change from regular navel oranges. However, since they tend to be sweeter, it may alter the expected flavor profile.

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