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About Alessi

Discover the delicious and authentic flavors of Italy with Alessi products. Made with the finest ingredients and traditional recipes, our products are perfect for adding a touch of Italian flair to your meals.

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Coarse sea salt, fine sea salt, pine nuts, chicken noodle soup mix, pasta fazool soup mix, tuscan white bean soup mix, split pea soup mix, lentil soup mix, risotto alla mdame, risotto pomodori, risotto brocollini & cheese and more.

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Alessi products are made with the highest quality ingredients and follow traditional Italian recipes, ensuring an authentic and delicious taste in every bite.
Alessi products can be found in select grocery stores and specialty food shops. You can also purchase them online through our website.
Some of our products are gluten-free, but please check the label or product description for specific information.

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