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About Our Trellis Plants

Transform your garden with our beautiful trellis plants. These climbing vines will add a touch of elegance and charm to any outdoor space.

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Varieties We Carry*

Confederate Jasmine, Bluesky, Mandevillas, Mexican flames, passion vines, Bleeding hearts, Oleander vines, Podranea trumpet, Stephanotis, Mascagnia Butterfly, Allamandas, Dutchmans Pipe and more.
*Subject to availability


FAQs for

Trellis Plants

Trellis plants not only add aesthetic appeal to your garden, but they also provide privacy, shade, and can even act as a natural barrier for noise and wind.
Trellis plants are low maintenance and require minimal care. Regular watering and pruning to control growth are all that is needed to keep your trellis plants healthy and thriving.
Yes, trellis plants can be grown in containers, making them a great option for small spaces or balconies. Just make sure to choose a container with good drainage and provide support for the vines to climb on.

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