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About Our Tomatoes

At Nelson Family Farms, we take pride in offering a wide variety of high-quality tomato plants for your home garden. Our tomatoes are grown with care and expertise, ensuring that you get the best possible yield and flavor.

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Varieties We Carry*

Beefsteak, Roma, Big Beef, Early Girl, Grape, Black Krim, Brandy Wine, Celebrity, Cherokee, Sungold, Sparky cherry, Parks whopper, Big Boy, Heatmaster, Green Tomatiyo and more.
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Our tomato plants are carefully selected and grown to produce the best tasting and most productive tomatoes. We use only the highest quality seeds and our experienced farmers ensure that each plant receives the proper care and nutrients.
Our tomatoes are grown using sustainable farming practices, without the use of harmful chemicals. This not only makes them healthier for you and your family, but also for the environment.
Tomatoes thrive in warm weather, so it is best to plant them after the last frost in your area. This will give them enough time to grow and produce delicious tomatoes before the colder weather sets in.

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