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Experience the power of Fox Farm’s nutrient-rich products at Nelson Family Farms. Our selection of Fox Farm products includes the popular Bush Doctor, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom varieties. These products are specially formulated to help your plants thrive and produce bountiful harvests.

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Bush Doctor (bembe, boomerang, wholly mackarel), Grow Big, Tiger Bloom and more.

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Fox Farm 1 pint

Bush Doctor is a nutrient-rich formula that promotes healthy plant growth and increases yields. It contains natural ingredients such as bembe, boomerang, and wholly mackarel to nourish your plants.
Grow Big is a powerful fertilizer that provides essential nutrients for strong and vigorous plant growth. It also helps to improve soil quality and increase nutrient uptake.
Tiger Bloom is a high-phosphorus fertilizer that promotes robust flowering and fruiting. It also contains essential micronutrients to support overall plant health.

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