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Welcome to Nelson Family Farms, your one-stop shop for all your gardening needs. We are proud to offer the highest quality products, including our popular Black Gold brand. Our Black Gold planting soil and mushroom compost are perfect for any gardening project, big or small.

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Black Velvet Planting Soil 1 cu ft, Mushroom Compost 40 lbs and more.

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Black Gold

Black Gold is a premium brand of planting soil and compost, known for its high quality and effectiveness in promoting healthy plant growth.
Black Gold is made with a unique blend of organic materials, including peat moss, composted bark, and perlite, to create the perfect balance of nutrients for your plants.
For best results, mix Black Gold planting soil with your existing soil or use it as a top dressing for potted plants. Mushroom compost can be used as a soil amendment or as a mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

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